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INFO holds
Shipping of goods
There are following possibilities:
1) small quantity we can send goods by a post
2) large quantity
   - a) by a forwarding firm
   - b) we are able to deliver ordered holds to you, our price is 0,2 EUR / 1 km
3) we send goods our German customers by post from Germany as the postage is cheeper than from our country
4) we prefer the payment in advance but it is possible to pay for the holds to our account after receiving them
Sizes of holds
Next to each picture is a cap head bolt that should help you accurately gauge the size of each hold.
Colours of holds
The colour card is an approximation of the product's colour. Differences in colour cannot be grounds for returning any product.
Colour card

Bi-coloured holds
We are able to produce these holds by special request. However, due to the difficulty of producing these holds, we require that an additional 10% of the original product price be added to the final price.

Polyester and Epoxy holds
Polyester holds (mix of polyester and filling material)
+ holds that weigh less than epoxy holds
+ more textured surface
+ vibrant colours
+ seamless
- less resistance to friction, wear-and-tear
- higher prices
Epoxy holds (mix of epoxy resin and silica sand)
+ high resistance to friction, wear-and-tear
+ extremely strong and durable
+ easy on skin, fingers and hands
- smaller friction

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